Saturday, December 15, 2012

You CAN Do Something....

If you're like me, you are feeling a sense of helplessness over the tragic events of yesterday.  There seems like there is nothing we can do for those families who lost their loved one - who lost their child - except send out positive thoughts or prayers for them.  

There is other good we can do though.  
We can donate our time or our money to worthwhile charities to help other children.  Local charities who help abused/neglected or homeless children are always in need of volunteers or donations.  Larger charities that actually do use your donations to directly help children need support.  

If you wish you could do something, do it.  Help another child today who needs it.  
Make a donation in honor of the slain children of Connecticut.  
Do it to help make the world a better place, in no matter how small of a way.

Here are local Newtown, CT charities that you can donate to:

Newtown Youth & Family Services, Inc., a nonprofit mental health clinic, will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for emergency counseling for families, community members or staff involved in the Sandy HookElementary school tragedy.

The Newtown Parent Connection, a nonprofit that addresses issues of substance abuse, also offers bereavement group counseling on the first Wednesday of every month. The organization told The Huffington Post that it’s going to try to bring in additional counselors to accommodate the needs of those affected by the Sandy Hook shooting.

Here are a few suggestions for National charities or you can support your local children's charity.

No Kid Hungry

Ronald McDonald House

St. Jude's

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