Friday, December 14, 2012

Inappropriate Reasons to Love Home Schooling

While it is not as true as I’m sure it once was (kudos again to the pioneers of home schooling), home schoolers still find themselves defending their choice.  There are probably some U.S. states where the need to defend home schooling is more necessary than other states and I’m ignorant as to what the climate is toward home schooling in other countries.  Unless it’s a country, like China, where home schooling is illegal, I have no idea how accepted home schooling is in other cultures and countries.

Because home schoolers still feel the need to defend their choice, if even only to the “concerned’ mother in-law or family friend, we can be a little tight lipped about the challenges of home schooling, for fear that those challenges would be used against us.  Even more than that though, home schoolers, for the most part, don’t talk too ‘openly’ about the *real* benefits of home schooling.  Oh, amongst each other, we may chat a bit about it, in very subtle ways, least there is a militant home schooling mother in the group who finds anything short of 6 ½ hours a day of rigorous study to be criminal.  But out in the wide open, say like a blog, the benefits of home schooling are listed in very clean, sanitized ways.  I haven’t seen a lot of chatter about some of the *real* benefits of home schooling. 

Now, in all fairness, it might just be me.  I may be the only one in the home schooling universe who has these *real* benefits or who will admit to them in a non-sanitized, inappropriate way.  But I am the inappropriate home schooler.  Perhaps you (yes, you who is reading this post) experience a few of these *real* benefits of home schooling, that you mention to no one, or yours are different than my list – but would still be thought inappropriate!  But I think we all have these secrets that we fear to reveal least we be judged, if not by ‘outsiders’ then by others in the home schooling community.  

 First, the ‘Code’.
These are some common reasons listed as the benefits of home schooling.

1) A quality education

2) Going on vacation for educational pursuits…

3) Turning anything into a ‘lesson’…

4) Creating our own schedule...

5) Freedom to explore personal interests…

6) Real life experience

7) Personal choices in establishing and continuing real friendships

These may reveal me to be a bad parent, let alone a bad home schooler, but here is my interpretation of the benefits of home schooling.  The list of the real (inappropriate) things that I love about being a home schooling family!

 A vacation to Walt Disney World is an educational field trip!

Cartoons are educational if I’m trying to have a phone conversation…

Sleeping in ‘til noon…
 Breakfast at lunch time.

 Playing the games of ‘Life’ for the entire day…

 Watching old movies to study ‘time periods’.  The 1950s was a LONG time ago to Punky!

 Following a whim - like eating lunch out then spending the rest of the day wandering through Barnes n Noble.

 Skipping all the parts of Science and Social Studies that are boring...

Working a grade (or two) below level because it’s easier sometimes...

Not having to deal with little shit-head classmates...

That’s just us though……and you know, we’re inappropriate!

Happy Schooling!

~Mari B.


  1. I love it. Especially that last reason- the one with the little punk. That reason is huge for me. :)

  2. Love it! I could totally identify with most of those :)

  3. I sent my 10 year old son to bed when I woke up at 6:00 this morning. Now, I'm getting ready to eat lunch without him because he's still in bed...but we did a lot of math yesterday, so it's all good.

  4. One of my favorite: staying in our pajamas . . .all day.

  5. That last one... yes. That's the one I most identify with. When my kids were in school, I remember a 2nd grade bully of my kid giving ME the stare down. I had to stand my ground and stare back. I WON.


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