Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Inappropriate Coffee Mug Contest

As fans of my facebook page know, I lost my favorite coffee mug earlier today in a fatal crash.  My heart broke right along with the coffee mug.  It was colorful and zany and the shape was perfect and it was just the right size!

Heavy Sigh.

The other mugs were jealous.  They knew this one was my favorite.  And while I would never tell the other mugs this, there’s not a one among them that can hold a candle to the one I lost today.

So, I must begin the search for a new coffee mug.  I would want it to be bright and colorful – like me.  Snicker.  I would want it to be more egg-like shaped (oval?) rather than fat and round.  Not too tall, but tall enough to hold at least 12 oz of coffee. 

I’ve decided a way that might make this replacement mug more meaningful – special – is if it is inappropriate!  Now that I’m famous, uh, I mean infamous for being inappropriate it would just seem fitting, don’t you think?
So, I’m on the hunt.  But then I thought --  why should I hunt alone?  I have fans!! 
They might find something that is perfect!!  

So, I’m going to hold an ‘Inappropriate Coffee Cup Contest’!


1)  Anyone that is a fan of the facebook page can participate

2) The mug needs to fit the above description:  colorful, zany, and egg/oval shaped holding at least 12 oz.

3)  The mug must:
       a) be inappropriate or 
       b) say something inappropriate or
       c) say something about being inappropriate.

4)  The mug cannot be the type of inappropriate that Punky shouldn’t witness.  It’s a coffee mug after all, and it’ll be in my hand a lot!

5)  The mug must not cost more than my car.  Seriously, I’m not willing to spend more than say, $20 for the mug.

6)  The winner will be the person who finds a picture (including a link to the point of purchase location)  that I choose as the best ‘fit’ for me!

I, and I alone, will determine what mug is the winner – if there is in fact one.
It is not enough to find a picture of a great, inappropriate coffee mug – there must be a point of purchase location (via the internet) where I can actually procure the mug.

The Procedure:

1)  Post to the Inappropriate Homeschooler’s facebook page a picture of the mug you think would work AND a link to the point of purchase location.   

After I’ve reviewed the picture (for appropriate inappropriateness), I’ll allow it onto the wall for all to see.

2)  Send a Private Message to the Inappropriate Homeschooler on facebook.

3)  Email me a link to the inappropriate mug submission:
(You might want to facebook me a message that you sent your submission to my email, I'm faithfully unfaithful about checking that email!)

The contest will last until 12:01a.m. January 1, 2013

The winner of the contest will receive:

Public acknowledgement on my facebook page.

(I know, isn’t that a GREAT prize)


A duplicate mug sent to them by me!!

(Winner must be willing to Private Message me their mailing address and I won’t be responsible for broken or lost item).

On a different note…..yet not unrelated matter, if you would like to donate to the ‘Buy the Inappropriate Homeschooler a New Coffee Mug’ fund – contact me for an address to send your donation too!  Hee!  Hee!

Everybody got it?

Ready……Set……Find me a MUG!

~Mari B.

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