Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Do I Vaccinate My Child and Secularly Homeschool?

Science!  Yes, the questions was posed:  "If you vaccinate your child then why do you homeschool?"  I admit it, I was stunned for a bit.  I never thought the two issues linked, until recently, as the topic of vaccinations is 'hot' at this time.  No, I have learned that a lot of secular homeschoolers do not vaccinate.  I have to admit, this surprised me a lot.  Secular homeschoolers are set apart from other homeschoolers due to their acceptance of and adherence to real science.  Yet, I didn't think anyone would think that pro-vaxers are NOT in the homeschooling community.  I'm here to tell you WE'RE HERE!  Just as there are secular homechoolers in the homeschooling community and even Inappropriate Homeschoolers, there are pro-vaxers in the homeschooling community and our answer to why we vaccinate is: science.  It just so happens that is also one of the answers to why we are SECULAR homeschoolers.  Science.  Real science.