Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Now on Twitter.........I Think.

 Okay, okay.....I took the plunge.  The Inappropriate Homeschooler is now on Twitter.  Damn Twitter wouldn't give me more than 15 characters for my name though so I am now: InappropriateHS

I even tweeted already.  But that' s it.  That's as far as I got.  I can't figure the rest out because just as I'm missing the Mathematical gene, I'm also missing the Technology gene.  Nothing sets me to cursing with more vehemence as trying to navigate technology - especially technology that is new to me.  Others shake their heads and say, "It's so easy."  "Google how to do it".  Yeah, I try, I really do.....but {shurg} technology and I have a love hate relationship.  I love it, it hates me, and then I curse at it.
But, I'm digressing.  Anyway the 'address' for following me at Twitter will also not load to my blog (love/hate) and so here it is.........

I'm going to have to get a 'Technology Tutor'.

Now, I just hope it was worth the shit I went through this morning to get the damn account.

~Mari B.

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