Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Do You Homeschool?

It's not often that I'm stumped for answers - especially the verbal kind.  I was caught off guard today by an off-the-cuff question from an unexpected source.  I was able to eventually formulate my answer and when I finished the other person said, "Can't you just tell me your answer in like one sentence?"

That started me thinking though.  Can I come up with a clear-cut answer to the question, 'Why do you homeschool?'  An answer that is perhaps 15 words or less?  I'm working on it.....I'm thinking about it hard.  It just seems that when we (parents) talk about why we homeschool, there is usually an involved answer, one that is certainly longer than 15 words or less. 

Don't get me wrong, I can answer the question in 15 words or less if I go the smart-ass route, for sure.  But this person wasn't poking at me or setting me up for a show-down.  It was a genuine question - they just wanted the short answer!

While I work on my short answer, I ask you fellow homeschooler:

 In 15 words of less, tell me sincerely, why do you homeschool?

~Mari B.


  1. Problem with this, is that my answer greatly depends on who is asking this, and why. I guess a generic answer could be: I wanted to give my children the opportunity to learn without the normal restrictions.

  2. This is not a very witty answer, just my truth:I homeschool because public school was a suckfest for me.

  3. "I feel it is the best choice for my child at this particular time."

  4. 15 words...Others may be able to teach my son more, no one can teach him better.

    1. Oh, Nathan, I LOVE THAT!!! Just really love that response!!

  5. I started homeschooling because my kids needed it. I kept homeschooling because we liked it.

    Now if they ask why my kids needed it, then they need to go ahead and sit down for an involved answer.


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