Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Received an Email and It Led to This Rant....

I just don't understand why some followers of certain religions INSIST that we are going to hell in a hand basket because we don't allow GOD in our public schools.  Or public anywhere.  They go on and on about how the atheists and unbelievers complain it violates their Bill of Rights and how ridiculous that is and on and on.  It may not seem like I have a dog in this fight, because Punky is homeschooled. But, as long as my tax dollars help fund public school, I have a dog.  And here's what I want to say:

I am fine with the government allowing - even teaching - religion in public school.  I'm find with having prayer in school - led by instructors even.  I'm fine with it.

Ah, ah, ah...BUT here's the thing.  When the government does this make sure that ALL religions are being taught.  Make sure that prayer time is conducted for ALL religions.  Make sure the atheists and anyone else who wishes to, can excuse themselves and be exempt from said teachings and prayers.  Make sure that religion is taught in religion class and left OUT of science class.

Now, I know how hard it is for kids to get serious learning done in the school day.  Why between the tom-foolery that goes on, the walking to here and there, the disruptions, lunch, the miniscule recess break has been all but eliminated from the schedule.  So tell me, how is the government going to represent ALL the faiths in teaching and have time for ALL forms of prayer for ALL religions?

It's just better to leave it out folks.  A believer (of any faith) should be able to carry their faith around in their heart with them all day - no matter where they are, what they are told, or what circumstances they find themselves in.  If people of certain faiths can't believe that then just read up again on people like Anne Frank.  Or better yet......reflect on what Jesus went through and whether or not he was carrying his faith in his heart no matter where he was and what he was enduring.

In order for every citizens' rights to be represented, every citizens' religion (or lack of) would have to be fairly represented.  Otherwise, are trampling on our Bill of Rights.

~Mari B.


  1. As a Christian (but not a religious person - the distinction is important), I too believe you are 100% correct. God can't be removed from the school because He is in the hearts of all who believe. I believe that students should be allowed to initiate or participate in student-led prayers - to WHATEVER deity the students believe - but I don't believe teachers should initiate prayers. Teachers should be able to participate in student-led prayers IF invited to do so by the students, but never, never, never in a manner that would lead non-participating students to feel pressured to participate. As a Christian, I appreciate the fact that our Constitution says "freedom of RELIGION," as opposed to "freedom of Christianity." Many of our founders had felt religious persecution and wanted to create a haven for all, regardless of what they believed or didn't believe. Most religious nut-jobs don't understand that when we allow Christian teachers to initiate prayers or discussions about religion, then we must also allow Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, and atheist teachers to do so as well. My kids are in high school now. They know about all sorts of other belief systems. But when they were in Kindergarten I wouldn't have been at all happy with the school if their Pagan teacher taught them to pray to idols... and I can't imagine that Pagan parents would be too happy for their kids to come home with pamphlets on salvation courtesy of Teacher.
    Religious nut-jobs don't seem to believe the old adage "What's good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander."
    The problem in schools today isn't one that is as (obviously) misunderstood as the inclusion/exclusion of God. It's more a lack of valuing human life. I could take the religious route at this point and blame this on the prevalence of abortion in our culture... but it's bigger than that. It's up to parents, not schools, to indoctrinate their children in the religious belief system of their choice. It's also up to parents to teach children that human life carries a high value. When parents fail to do these things, why should the schools be blamed? Why should God's absence be blamed? (Blaming God's absence is silly, imho - God, being almighty & omnipresent, and invisible, can't be kicked out of school - to insinuate that this is possible is to intimate that He is in fact NOT all powerful. Another case of nut-jobs shooting their case in the foot.) This isn't a CHRISTIAN problem. I say this - I have Wiccan friends who are as vehemently opposed to abortion as I am. Hindus and Buddhists are as non-violent as Quakers. Christianity isn't the only "peaceful" religion in the world.
    What this all boils down to is parents who have screwed up royally and are looking for someone else to blame.

  2. You said that perfectly! I couldn't agree more.

  3. My fellow Christians are baffled when I won't sign their "Keep prayer in school" petitions. Prayer has never been banned from school. And if they want a Wiccan leading their kids in prayer to the AllMother-AllFather, then more power to them. ;)


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