Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Kids Contest

Head over to facebook to cast your vote (under the link to this post) and see if the one you think is the MOST inappropriate is the winner!!

Much thanks to all who played along and enjoyed the inappropriateness as much as I.

Here they are, all 11 contestants,  in their Inappropriate Glory!

Contestant #1 - Hannibal Lector Lives!

Contestant # 2 - Baby Marlboros

Contestant #3 - Harem Girl

Contestant #4 - Mari Juana

Contestant # 5 - Chicken Alien Baby

Contestant # 6 - Stripper Baby

Contestant # 7 - I pity the foo - Mr. T

Contestant # 8 - Baby Hitler

Contestant # 9 - Wheelchair Superman

Contestant # 10 - Terrorist

Contestant # 11 - Little Mermaid

There you have it folks!  Cast you vote on The Inappropriate Homeschooler's facebook page!


And may you and your family have a safe and fun (and only slightly inappropriate) Halloween!!

~Mari B.


  1. I think the sexy kid costume was the most inappropriate one in this batch. Kids ought to wear something more playful and cartoony rather than these kinds of disturbing costumes.


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