Monday, October 1, 2012

Appropriate Truths

Today I am ‘Middle Aged’.  That is, if I live to be 90!   I’ve been contemplating what I’ve learned in the last 45 years and have come to the conclusion that I’ve already forgotten half, at least, of what I’ve learned and the other half I forget most of the time.  But there are a few things I feel I know, remember, and utilize.  Life expressions are everywhere.  We gather them up in the course of our daily living and absorb them as truths.  I've come to realize, of late, that there are truths to the 'truths'. 

 1)  'Breath and reboot'. - This truth is true, but the deeper truth is that the expression should be 'Breath, Reboot and then repeat' (just like the instructions on our shampoo bottles).  Things really will be okay in the end, but the end can be a long time coming.

 2)  'Not everyone is going to like you'.  This is true, but it's only partially correct.  The real truth of this is the MOST people aren't going to like you - not really; not in that deep feeling, you matter, no matter what, kind of way.  You have to develop, cultivate, and nourish an inner circle.  It is only that inner circle that is going to ride with you through life until the wheels fall off.

 3)  'You can't win every argument.'  This is a very real truth - but it needs to go much deeper.  You should not attend every argument to which you are invited.  Also, remember that giving an "ok", does NOT mean you agree.

 4)  'You can't judge a book by its cover.'  Very, very true.  There is a bigger truth.  You can't judge a book by the first few chapters either.  In most relationships, the beginning is only the first few chapters.  By the middle you can find yourself surprised - some you thought were real stinkers turn out to be great and some you thought were going to be great can have you in tears.

5)  'Old habits die hard.'  True.  The larger truth?  They can also be what destroys you in the end.

 6)  'The sun will come out tomorrow.'  True enough.  The sun can also burn your ass so always wear sunscreen.

 And finally….

7) "All Good Things Must Come to an End".  And so must the bad things, too.

~Mari B.

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