Monday, September 24, 2012

I Want to be a Time Lord

As I believe I have mentioned, Punky is a huge ‘Doctor Who’ fan.  Interestingly enough, this show offers up a variety of openings for interesting, even philosophical discussions.  I’ve always enjoyed the idea of time travel.  It may seem silly, I know.  It’s not like I am saying I believe in time travel (though I’m not saying I don’t), I just like the idea of it ~  all the possibilities that I can conjure up if time travel were possible.  That girl back in 8th grade who bullied me everyday after school when I got off the bus?  Yeah, I’d so handle her a different way now, if time travel were possible!!

But there is one idea that strikes me as the most fascinating about time travelers.  In my house we watch a lot of the History Channel, TLC, etc.  We also view movies that are ‘based’ on true events or stories.  (As we are a home school family, we try to fill our television viewing with a lot of ‘educational’ material and what better way to do that than to watch ‘Gone with the Wind’, for example.  This is a totally historical account of life in the South during the Civil War, right?)  I digress. 

In watching various programming containing historical accounts I am always struck by those people who were so forward thinking.  What I mean is that often there is one person whose ideas seem ‘modern’ to me.  It wouldn’t take a long period of thought to pull a few names up.  Thomas Jefferson immediately springs to mind.  “All men are created equal” ~ forward thinking.  (We won’t get into how he still kept slaves, least I digress, again).  Susan B. Anthony believed and fought for equality of women, particularly in receiving the right to vote ~ forward thinking.  These are obvious examples, but there are many, many more in historical accounts that are lesser taught in our schools yet still very forward thinking.  Forward thinking enough that when I learn of that person’s views, opinions, thoughts, and the influence they used to bring about change, I can’t help but think, “ yes!  That’s how it is today and rightly so!  Thank goodness there were people then to take the reigns and move us into enlightenment!”  It almost seems impossible, that during a certain period of time where the standard, accepted thought was what it was, that there would be anyone who would be so forward thinking.  And that, brings me to the next thought I have.  Time Travel.  Could is be possible, no matter how improbable, that that person came from the future back to that time to do exactly what they did, ‘move things forward’?

Silly, I know, but it makes me wonder.  It also makes me curious, when we hear today of someone who is speaking up for or against something, with their “new, confounded way of thinking” if they aren’t’ “here” from “there” trying to move things forward.  Punky, who vacillates between wanting to be an actress or a Time Lord, completely supports my fantastical thinking.  She also throws out the idea that if it is not time travel involved, perhaps it is reincarnation.  Folks who have been around the block, so to speak, enough times that they have higher evolved thought.  Hmmm……

~Mari B.


  1. I love this post! I will join you in your fantastical thinking, and high five Punky for her love of Doctor Who ( we are fans here. The only knock knock joke my 2 year old can really participate in is "Knock Knock" "Who's there?" "Doctor" "Doctor Who!" Then she runs around saying "Doctor Who!" in the cutest little voice you ever heard!. Plus we may have made a TARDIS.... now I digress)
    Time travel or not, I'm glad there were those forward thinking people pushing society forward. My husband has been commenting lately about how we were born in the wrong time (he is desperate for a 1940s truck at the moment), I agreed with him, but reminded him of how much I enjoy wearing PANTS.

  2. Happier -

    AWESOME!! We didn't make a Tardis (please see my initial blog post on how I am so not 'that' mom), we bought one! LOL That's how we roll. But kudos to you and your kids for doing so. Punky as made her fair share of homemade screwdrivers, and Tardis!

    Mari B.


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