Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Tips for a Hot, Inappropriate Homeschooling Marriage

Let's be honest.  
Our kids are with us ALL the tme.  
That's an upside, in my opinion, to homeschooling.  
Alas, it can cause a 'downside'.  
How do you have a hot marriage if the kids are always in the picture?

Never fear, the answers are here!

Hot Tip #1
Connect with each other everyday in a meaningful way about anything OTHER than the kids or homeschooling.  Feeling connected to your partner in ways that don't involve the children or homeschooling or work creates a stronger bond of intimacy and that creates a stronger desire to be intimate with one another!

Hot Tip #2
Make the most of Parent/Teacher conferences.  

Hot Tip #3
Be good givers.  If you know what I mean....

I actually have 66 more but that would have made a long list of 69....

Happy 'Schooling'!

~Mari B.


  1. hysterical! awesome!

  2. Simple, Classy, Exactly...know what I mean????

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